Take a break!

Affirmation #5

This is what we are doing today and possibly tomorrow. When planning school for our week last night, I realized that our schedule needs to be revamped now that I am back home full-time. I need to allow time for our kids to not only continue working independently but to also create moments where they can work together, including taking turns playing with their four-year-old brother. This will maximize our learning time & my teaching time with them.


Do you take a break when you need a break? It could be a break from homeschooling or from parenting or even a lunch break!


There was a time in my parenting & in our early homeschool journey where I thought if I took a break the world would end. In my mind, I had to cook every meal (from scratch), run our household on a strict schedule like a daycare/school, and be present at every moment my kids & husband needed me. It was draining. I had many breakdowns. I stopped taking care of myself because I consumed myself in this perfect picture of how I wanted my family to look. I touch on this part of my life in my Amazon best-seller, "Confessions of a Depressed Homeschool Mom, 2nd edition".


Don't do what I did. Take breaks. Know that it's ok. There's always tomorrow & your family will love you even more for making time to make yourself better!

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