When life throws you lemons…

November is usually the month where we reflect...

What are we thankful for?
How can we spend more time with our family?
Is this curriculum REALLY working for us?
What the heck happened to this year? Is there really only one more month left!?!?!

Sometimes we reflect TOO much and get caught up in what we failed to do or how much we did not accomplish. At least I know I do!! All the time!!

Why do we beat ourselves up like this? I believe it is our human nature to do so. We know we are not perfect, yet we strive so hard to be. In our limited minds, our lives must be the epitome of a social media photo: perfect in every way, from the lighting, to the filters used, to the poses, to the angle of the shot taken, to the placement of every item in the background. To some of us, the look is everything. It makes us feel like we've accomplished something. Similar to a child's mindset when you tell them to clean their room and they stash all the junk under their bed or inside their closet. Oh, their room looks clean to the untrained eye, but parents know where to find those hiding spots & showcase how terrible an idea it was for your child to think they'd get away with stashing their junk successfully.

This is how God sees us through His all-seeing eyes. He is the parent that is showing & teaching us how to clean our rooms, but then when the time comes for us to do it on our own, we take short cuts that lead to the need for a little tough love. We think we can be perfect and lead perfect lives when in actuality God is the only being who was created to be so. Yes, we are created in Him image, but that does not mean we are Him.

When those imperfect moments come: the tantrums, the non-private bathroom breaks, having to explain a lesson to the same child for the fifth time in one hour, trying to convince your child to read the grade level book you chose & not the comic book they chose...think of seeing these situations through a mindfulness perspective. A mindfulness perspective allows you to point out the little things and focus on them & their positivity when you normally would look at more of the negative parts of the situation at hand. So, when your toddler is screaming and kicking in a full-blown tantrum, think of how amazing it is that they are learning how to communicate & that they are safe with you, teaching them the proper ways to express themselves. During the moments when your child is not cooperating with completing their school assignments, think about how far they have come in their studies from a month ago or a year ago, and how much progress has been made. This mindfulness mindset allows us to dig deep and focus our energy on more positive thoughts and actions rather than the negative.

Life is throwing a whole HEAP of lemons at us adults! Add parenting & home education to the mix and we have lemons to last us a lifetime.

My question to you is, what are you thankful for?

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