You helped make history…HERstory!
Yes, YOU did that!! Last weekend was indeed a long one, and it was not a holiday weekend either. My fellow co-authors worked tirelessly with your support to earn the status of THREE-TIME BEST SELLING AUTHORSon Amazon for our book, African American Homeschooling Mompreneurs! We won that title in the following categories:
  1.  "Homeschool",
  2. "Two Hour Education & Reference Short Reads", and
  3. "Women & Business"

The "Women & Business" title was the final one our team needed to secure & your support helped us beat out a very popular author! As we continued to campaign for best seller in that category, we soon found out that this fellow author got her team together to begin promoting other products and services she had to offer if her fans purchased a copy of her book. WE PREVAILED!!!

This win is not just a numbers game for us. It is not all about how many books we sold or how much money we want to make. If any of these ideas were true, I don't think my co-authors would have signed on to this project. So why did we write the book? What message do we want the reader & the world to know?

As African Amerian home educating entrepreneurs, we are a triple threat of UNICORNS in a field of HORSES. Now, what the heck does THAT mean?? The face of home education is typically a white family. The face of an entrepreneur is typically white and/or male. We want the readers of this anthology to know that it is possible for African American women to be successful as home educators and as entrepreneurs. We are here and what we are doing can be done and IS being done every day!


But we are not done...

Our book did win best seller, but that does not mean the end for us! How can you continue to help us spread the word about our journey?

  • Click the photos above to purchase a digital copy or a printed copy of our book. Order an extra copy or two to share with someone!
  • Follow me on social media by clicking the links below to stay updated on important future events for the Super Mom Helps business.
  • Encourage a home educator, a mom, and an entrepreneur. Sometimes we feel alone in our bubble worlds. Knowing that others see what we are doing and how hard we are working means everything!

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